Books on Philippine Coins

When it comes to Philippine coins, there’s really not a lot of readily available information out there. The Red Book devotes about 5 pages on U.S./Philippine coins but all it really provide are mintage information, technical specifications, and valuation. The Krause Catalog of World Coins includes all series of Philippine coins but all it provides is the same. Mintage and technical specs.

If you really want to know more about Philippine coins, and gain a better understanding of the history behind them, you will need to consult one of the following reference books.

These books are essential to every Philippine coin collectors. Most of these books don’t contain information on modern Philippine coins, but the information they do have on Philippine coins prior to 1974 are comprehensive.

The Basso book’s coverage on “Coinage Under Spanish Rule” is very informative and the chapters on Medals and Tokens is the most comprehensive of any guide book.

If you’re into collecting U.S./Philippine coins, the book by Lyman Allen provides the most recently (2012) published price guide. It’s already slightly outdated but it would at least give you an idea about the price of that coin you’re eyeing.

Lastly, most of these books are hard to find and out print. I rarely see any of these books come up on eBay. I feel as though these books are “collectibles” themselves. The 1st edition of the Basso book seems to come up more often than the 2nd edition.  So if you find them online at a good price, I recommend you go for it. You won’t regret it.