Noel & Khristine

Highway 1, California

Hi there! My name is Noel and you have reached my personal website.

In 2008, my wife took an interest in collecting state quarters. She was fascinated with the different designs of the quarters and started collecting them from change. I soon started to “help” her, eventually replacing the circulated quarters with ones in mint state conditions. When the series was completed, her fascination with coins ended there. I’m not so lucky.

I started collecting all series of U.S coins but eventually decided to focus my efforts on Philippine coins. Born and raised in the Philippines, the Philippine coins have a natural appeal to me. I still collect U.S coins but decided to narrow my focus on the U.S. type sets.

I decided to create this online catalog to help me keep track of my collection, share my hobby with those interested, and maybe connect with other fellow collectors.

I’m a geek and coin collector. Put these two qualities together and you know it’s only a matter of time before my collection goes up online.

The idea of putting up my collection online came to me when I joined the NGC user’s registry. (NGC is a third-party grading service and that lets anyone create registry sets for free.) Basically, NGC will let you enter coins you own so you can keep track of your collection and show them off to the world. The only problem was, NGC only allows NGC and PCGS slabbed coins. They won’t let you show off or catalog raw or other TPG graded coins. Recently NGC decided to not accept PCGS coins in their World Registries as well.

PCGS has a similar system except worse. they only accepts PCGS certified coins. Not even NGC coins make the cut.

This site, my own site, solves a lot of problem for me. I could keep track of all my coins, whether its raw, or slabbed by NGC, PCGS, or even ANACS. No restriction.

That’s it. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my collection.