Flora & Fauna Series (1983 – 1994)

60390_CThe Flora and Fauna series was introduced in 1983 which included 2-piso coins.

The sizes of the coins were reduced in 1991, and the 5 piso coin re-introduced. The production of 50-sentimo and 2-piso coins ceased in 1994.

Slot DescriptionMy CoinGradeTPG
1S 1983Raw, MS
1S 1987Raw
1S 1991Raw, MS
1S 1992Raw, MS
5S 1983Raw, MS
5S 1989Raw
5S 1991Raw, MS
5S 1992Raw, MS
10S 1983Raw, MS
10S 1989Raw
10S 1991Raw, MS
10S 1992Raw, MS
25S 1983Raw, MS
25S 1985Raw, MS
25S 1990Raw, Fine
25S 1991Raw, MS
25S 1992Raw, MS
50S 1983Raw, MS
50S 1986Raw, EF
50S 1988Raw, MS
50S 1991Raw, MS
50S 1992Raw, MS
1P 1983Raw, MS
1P 1985MS 64NGC
1P 1989Raw, MS
1P 1991Raw, MS
1P 1992Raw, MS
1P 1994MS 64NGC
2P 1983Raw, MS
2P 1989Raw, AU
2P 1990Raw, EF
2P 1991Raw, MS
2P 1992Raw, MS
2P 1993Raw, MS
5P 1991Raw, MS
5P 1992Raw, MS

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