Philippine Coins

philippine coinsMy Philippine coin collection is organized into different periods.

One of the things I like about Philippine coins is that you can get a sense of Philippine history as you go through each period or series.

The Spanish colonial coins, for example, remind me of three hundred years of Spanish rule that left indelible imprints on Philippine society. It reminds me of great heroes like Rizal and Bonifacio.

How about the U.S. Administration coins? How many young folks today know that the Philippines were under U.S administration? The Philippines were handed over by Spain to the United States after its lost in the Spanish-American War. Since then, the Philippines were under the U.S. administration until 1946 when the Philippines gained independence.

The English series, at least in my opinion, reflects a government and a nation struggling with its own identity. The ABL series reminds me of Marcos and his Martial Law while the Flora & Fauna series reminds me of Ninoy and the EDSA revolution.

How about you? What are your thoughts on Philippine coins?

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